...under His wings you will find refuge
Psalms 91:4

For information or to make personal requests for services (sheltering needs, medical services/prescriptions, food/clothing, financial support, etc.):

Please Text: (470) 729-2390

HopeFirst Benevolence

As resources are available, 

THS Shelter responds to the critical financial needs of our neighbors.


Our policy is to assist with financial requests once every 6 months. However, under extenuating circumstances, every effort is made to assist those individuals who need extended support and who complete recommended steps for improving their circumstances. Additionally, those experiencing significant medical conditions may also qualify for additional financial assistance. All decisions are at the sole discretion of THS Shelter. 

Washing 'n The Word
  • Due to COVID, we are no longer conducting group programs onsite.

  • We offer an online devotional on our Facebook page (THS Emergency Shelter, Inc.). 

  • Some other services may be available on a limited basis by appointment, only.

Winter Overnight Sheltering

As funds are available and weather conditions are severe, THS will consider paying for motel rooms for those experiencing homelessness. 

Please note that in severe weather, we rely on the opening of the Community Warming Shelter to open for those needing shelter.